Ok I got a problem [Resolved "falloff" problem]

Everything were going nice and well, but when I tryed to make the stairs, I coudn’t simply edit anything, for some reason when I try to scale a face or something all the pyramid does it, i dont know why, I tryed already the obvius close and open blender, I deselect all and select again I tryed select all the faces of for example a floor and nothing, it still do the changes on the entire pyramid…

If I grab a vertice it drags all the structure with it when I try to transform it

Worse to Worse, You may have to delete Blender and reload it. They might know why its doing what it is doing though.

Hi Othoniel_Lozano,

Do you have proportional editing turned on?

Go to edit mode (tab). And on the 3d view mode on the toolbar it says “Edit mode” there’s a icon what looks like a round circle left to magnet icon. If that is on (short cut is o -key, not zero, but o like Oscar) and depending on the proportional editing falloff it will effect other vertices when editing just one. If it was on, just turn it off and you should be good.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

Ooohhh nice~
That was the issue, seems that I pushed “O” for accident. Dont worry about people thinking “o” is “0” the font on the forum make it clear. Thanks a lot, and now I know what that tool does to, seems quite handy on some stuff

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