Oh No! There's A Dinosaur In Your Bathroom - The Game

Here you go: https://www.gamebucket.io/game/c90ec6fb-cb1a-424d-8970-6a2f3c23d8f3

First thing to say is that it’s pretty lengthy. There’s something like twenty different endings, which kind of shows that I’m a master of doing the wrong thing. But still, it’s something I
want to build on in the future - I want to add pictures, I want maybe add some cutesy music and there are mechanics I want to add but haven’t been able to.

That said, I hope you enjoy my highly realistic dinosaur survival simulator. See y’all soon!


This is more wonderful than I ever truly imagined. I want a sequel.

Could I get in contact with you? I love your writing style.

Really enjoyed this great entertaining writing. Thanks for sharing!

freaking amazing. Loved it all, keep up the awesome work!

Thankyou for the lovely comments guys. Maybe I’ll go into text based adventures as a career path :stuck_out_tongue:

This is terrific! The game is so much fun, excellent writing, unique and enjoyable. I wish it looked better, also I’d prefer states that allow you to move back and forth through a progression instead of having everything be sequential. That being said, This is unlike anything I have seen or read. Good job. I’m glad I found this one.

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