Obstacle Course, the no Rick challenge!

So with the new course coming out as i was nearly finished with Argon Assault, i decided to try and make the Obstacle course game, without Ricks help!
I added in what i’d learnt from the other lectures/modules i’ve taken to add in extra things :-
Ball bouncing animation
Canvas UI screens
music + SFX
Points show on screen as a countdown (goes down over time + on collision)
etc etc

There were a few lectures that were new (ciniemachine for example, which i did a while ago in the 2D course but needed refreshing), so i did watch some.
In the end i did see through them all, usually as a check to make sure i had done something right, or as a last ditch problem solving to see what little thing i was missing :P.

Anyway, here’s my version! Watch out for them droppers! There’s traps laid under them to flip stuff across the board :).

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Congrats on your game :partying_face: