NumberWizardUI by me with slight bugfix


So just to show off: NumberWizardUI

Also i am working on Unity 5.3.4f1 (64bit) and had an error where the game only allowed 4 guesses no matter what. I found that in the game scene, the NumberWizard game object did not automatically update the Max Guesses Allowed part in the inspector. If anyone has the same problem, hope you find this useful!


Hi @Peter_Mehlmann, nice version of Number Wizard, I enjoyed playing that… nice tidy UI also :slight_smile:

With regards to the error you mentioned, did you have one value in the Inspector, but were then setting a different value in the script?

@Rob Thank you! I just followed the instructions, i have to thank the authors for this!

It was exactly as you wrote it. I had the initial value in the inspector (the one i set first when i wrote the script). When i changed the value in the script it did not change the value in the inspector. After i deleted the value and ran the game again, it fetched the number from the script. Then same issue. It seems to me that it only gets an initial value and does not update itself. I have followed the course, maybe i left a public out somewhere?

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