Number Wizard (from a total newbie) with random range and random guess

Hi all your awesome people,

Just finished my Number Wizard. Hurray :slight_smile:
I’m a total newbie to code and would love some feedback on my first try.

Well, you’re already adding 1 when you define the random range (
Random.Range(1,20+1)*100), so I don’t think you should have to add it
later. I would leave it at that, and just -1 when displaying it on the
screen so it shows the round number to the player.
Also, in NextGuess, I would add 1 to the max like Random.Range(min,max+1)
since the 2nd argument is exclusive, where the 1st one is inclusive.
Once you test it a few dozen times using that random range in the
NextGuess, if you have an issue with it taking way too many guesses to get
it right, consider changing the random range to:
Random.Range(min+((max-min)/4),(max-((max-min)/4)+1), with the +1 allowing
for the exclusive argument, of course, which will restrict the range to the
2nd and 3rd quarters of the total range between the min and max.
ie- If the min is 50, and max is 200, it’ll choose a number between 88 -
163. This particular range produces a remainder, but I believe it’ll
automatically round it off when it computes it.
Another example: If the min is 0, and max is 100, the range will be 25-75
for the guess.
That, overall, will give a balance between narrowing down the guessing
range, and providing randomness to the guesses.

Other than that, looks awesome!

Awesome! Thank you for the feedback :smiley:. I’ll test it out.

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