Notification System

This one is probably a challenge to deal with, so I’m asking it here. Has anyone ever considered a notification system that pumps out notifications to the player based on what he’s trying to do in the game world? For example, If he’s trying to wield a weapon (or a piece of armor) that’s still forbidden to wield (because he’s not up to the level yet), we can push out a notification that tells him his level is not at required level yet, or maybe he’s running low on health, or he’s trying to access a forbidden area, etc…?

Basically a simple box that pops up, waits for 3-4 seconds, and then fades out over another 3-4 second time range

Yes, you can do it. All the info required to do this are in the course, you just need to implement it.

Make the box, attach a script to it. This script will manage the notification, ie. Hide it at start as well as a few seconds after displaying it - which it also manages. You can put this UI and script in the Persistent Objects so that it can be easily accessed. Then, when you need to, you grab the script and call the DisplayNotification (or whatever) method on it and it displays the popup with a coroutine or invoke to hide it again after some delay.

You might check these scripts out that I use in my current game to make a Warcraft style console log

For this, I made a simple UI with a Vertical Layout Group and made a prefab for the individual entries. Then anywhere in the game I want to output to the GameLog, I use GameLog.Writeln(string)
This also outputs the string to Debug.Log, which is vital if you’re using LogCat to view your games logs in Android.

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