NOTE: Conventions in the sub-forum

I’d like to pay this sub-forum some more attention. Using the image below for illustration purposes only, I think 3 of these 4 states are valid…

A) This is invalid as it’s marked as solved, but still open… why not close?

B) This is an open issue.

C) Closed and solved… how we’d most of them to end-up

D) Closed but not solved (actually in this case it was, but you get the idea). This is where we decline to solve as it’s not a bug, or not worth it, etc.

@sampattuzzi and @moderators what do you think?

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Just discovered if you use this URL you can view open (i.e. not closed) topics only…

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The conventions seem like a good idea and make sense - I will add a link to this topic from the About the Forum Issues topic if that’s ok as it may make it easier to find in the future.

Does option D mean that no-one else can help them once it is closed?

Otherwise all makes sense.

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Should the onus not normally places on the OP to update status? or can this be handled by a mod and OP advised? just for tidyness

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So far a lot of the reported issues (and that phrase is perhaps too strong) are things that could do with being changed / reconfigured / updated within the forum software - typically configurable by our Admins. In a sense its a bit of a ToDo list - e.g. here are some issues / problems / things that would be nice - Admins make the changes / don’t make the changes and then update the ToDo item (post) accordingly.

There are a couple of exceptions with regards to the forum software itself, as there have been a couple of items so far that are not down to the Admins here to resolve but instead over to the Discourse team, there’s not an outlined workflow for this as such, but typically I think Ben or myself have got hold of someone there for support and have gone from there - so equally, those posts could be marked as solved / closed by whoever gets the issues resolved at the Discourse end.

With reference to Michaels point about item D, I guess this applies to something that team could either do, but decide not too, or something that they cannot do. Examples might be;

  • can we change the green bar to bright pink with yellow text <-- could do but wouldn’t want to (I would hope)

or maybe

  • can we have a Solved enabled for the first post of a topic rather than just replies <-- this isn’t something that is configurable and relies on Discourse

I think that maybe B needs to also cater for deferred support items, e.g. if there’s a bug with Discourse (like the Solved icons not appearing on the main summary pages), it would need to be open whilst Discourse were approached, and whilst a fix was being worked on, then closed once applied and the issue resolved. I’m not certain closing those because are not in a position to resolve it themselves etc would be a good idea as we may lose sight of what is still outstanding. Maybe that’s where a [Deferred] tag has to be used or something… e.g. for external support… dunno, thoughts only…

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Yes, but will only close unsolved if it’s impossible or undesirable to solve.

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