Not so impresive building, but it's modular!

I like this lecture part, using building blocks, and components. It made me rethinks about my project. Not building a church, but something else with 45degrees corners and other stuff.

I had also plans to build a space dome,but you cant see it, when standing an the hall way, so it isn’t there.

so here is my current view of the project ‘Church’, may be ‘Church in space’… ideas enough, but time …


Inspires the imagination!

Oh wow!!! are these yours, they are absolutely fantastic, Thanks for uploading, Regards.

I really like this picture and I think it was a lot of work, but I am not able to make a choice (new at Blender). Keep it up!!! :muscle:

Looks like space ship cabin, very nice


Congregation of the Nebula? :slight_smile:

Well Done That must have taken quiet some time!!! :heart_eyes:

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