Not getting WELCOME Mssg on Screen

I performed the same steps as shown in lecture but it is not showing me WLCOME mssg on screen.

Famous last words for programming :wink:

I’m guessing something is not quite right with your code. Just because it builds and doesn’t crash doesn’t mean its all perfect and good.

But thats the thing, in beginning there is nothing to code. It was a simple drag n drop of a BullCowCartridge File, there was no coding part till here.

The project you import is bare-bones. You have to do the work unless you import a final version with all the work done. So yes, your code is not quite right :wink:

See lecture 44 unreal c++: Using The In Game Terminal to start adding text to it.

To use the terminal even now:
Build if needed.
Play -> Possess -> click on terminal graphic -> press tab -> start typing

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Thanks a lot for the help!! Really appreciate it !!! :slight_smile: