No VR forum?



For folks on this course?


To be honest as i believe that Ben mentioned touching on VR in the unreal course as well. Its possible that its better to keep them under those flag to save on more catagories splitting the community up further.


Actually I’ve just added one, I think “Categories” is going to mean “Courses” and I may even rename it as such. Take a look at the homepage, now organised by course. What do you think?


Might take me a while to stop going in circles from the navigation but thats a user input error not a bug :wink:
Overall @ben i like it, Its a lot neater. I am sure once i use it then i can get directly where i need to be.

Cool on the VR section and helpful as my sister had just upgraded her phone and gave me her iphone 5S so back on track with VR now.


Remember you can use the back button, the forum knows where you were. Also, you can click the logo at top left to go home, then from there to any category or sub-category in one click.

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