No snapping

Snapping only happens when I go to scene in play mode.

And not in Edit mode.

Hi Mehtab,

Did you try to move the block? If you don’t change anything in the scene, the [ExecuteInEditMode] function might not trigger Update.

If [ExecuteInEditMode] does not work, test [ExecuteAlways].

I tried that but it is not working .

Is the EditorSnap script attached to the Inspector of a Waypoint/Cube?

Add a Debug.Log to the Update method to see if its message appears in your console.

The message only appears in play mode…

EDIT:- I think I figured it out… I wrote the attribute above the class and it worked. Can you tell me why it did not work when the attribute was inside the class :thinking:

Dear me! Good catch. I didn’t even notice that the tag was inside the class. That’s why I usually prefer code formatted as text. Screenshots are hard to read. :confused:

The attribute is a class attribute. For this reason, the class must be tagged with it, not some method inside the class.

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