No option for "Move Distance" in lecture 58 "BluePrint Child Classes"


I have no option for “Move Distance” in the details panel of my BP_MovingPlatform. I can set the velocity of the platform but not the distance it moves so it just goes straight up forever. I did everything as instructed as far as i’m aware, I am not sure how to add this option. Any help would be aprecciated.

Are you sure you successfully compiled? Could you show your code please?

How do I get to the code of moving platform in order to show it to you? I apologize for not knowing.

Where have you been writing the code?

Up to this point in the Unreal 5 course we have not programmed at all. And this is all there is for the blueprints of the moving platform:

I’m a little confused by that. MovingPlatform is a class you create and PlatformVelocity wouldn’t exist if you didn’t write any code.

You are correct, I am returning to this course after a long break and I had forgotten some things. I looked through the old lectures to find where we had been writing our code and here it is:

Hi just following up, I sent you my code for the moving platform, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, sorry I lost track of this. In the future feel free to bump the thread after 48 hours without a reply.

Do you see it if you create a new moving platform blueprint?

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