Night, err Knight!

Needless to mention, the nonplanar quads did win :confused:


nice! good job putting in the mouth, i had trouble doing that with mine. which method did you use for the mouth?

Thank you for the kind words.

For the mouth i just deleted a bunch of faces and reconstructed manually.
So, no special technique i fear :slight_smile:

Some hours later:

The distortion on the night really bothered me to no end, so i reworked really “quick” (4 hours :roll_eyes:).

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you could go into object mode, them make a cube in into the shape of the mouth you want your horse to have, then you could use the Boolean modifier

Very true. I just prefer to have the control over the mesh instead of having an algorithm decide where to put the faces.
(That may be silly but my inner control-freak takes over in such situations :wink: )

Plus: tinkering on the mesh is fun and relaxing (again, for me)

i hate those non-planar quads.

Hopefully Mike will give us some advice around them in them in the human face section x)

Until then it seems you can only avoid them through experience, add extra geometry, or adjust the verticies as best you can while still keeping the same relative shape

It`s a good exercise at least :slight_smile:

I’ve found something potentially helpful:
In edit mode, while having distorted (or suspected to be distorted) faces selected -> in the menu mesh -> cleanup -> make planar faces.
It seems to “relax” the faces without having an all to big impact on adjacent faces.

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