Next 90 Physiology Improvement

I have done this before, but fell out of it for various reasons. But now, I will commit to going to bed at 9PM and getting up at 6:30AM, at least, everyday for the next 90 days. I am committing to this. I hate mornings, but there is so much I can do in the mornings that just requires me to actually be awake.

I am also cutting out the chips and popcorn. Fast food will have to stay a bit, as I never have the time to cook proper meals at home if I want to get other things done that day, though I will try to eat healthier snacks and foods when possible. I know from recent experience that a bag of celery does not last long, so maybe stashing up on that will help me out some, as most of my lazy eating habits come from not having something conveniently on hand.

Finally, I will try to walk on weekends a good bit. Mayhaps a lap or two around the perimeter of my yard. I already walk at least once a day during work hours.

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Nice resolutions! Curious how it will be going, let us know!

My 90 days improvements:
I was already quite busy with doing things like this, so I will try to keep it up.

  • Going to bed at 10 most of the times, at any rate before 11
    -Doing leg and belly exercises every day and going for a hour long walk (except for when the weather is really really bad or I got some other form of exercise that day(dancing))
    -Keep eating healthy: only drinking water and tea, enough vegies and fruit, regular eating times (8/12/17:30) and only snacks when someone comes over/ in a special occasion (max 2 times per week).

Good luck @Skareeg_Xigmatec and @Paula ! Some great resolutions there.
Here’s my 90 days plan:

  • do the focusing exercises
  • eat less food but more often
  • don’t eat after 20:00
  • exercise daily: at least 20 abd.crunches + at least 5km on a stationary bike; alternatively yoga
  • do basic meditiation daily
  • bedtime at 00 (or 01:00 at the latest!), no more pulling allnighters
  • read at least 5 pages of a book daily

Hold steadfast. I dinged on that no-chips policy and utterly failed the popcorn policy, but everything else is gold here for the past 9 days. The 6:30 - 9 time is absolutely worth it on the weekends, not just work days. I reclaimed so much time.


@Skareeg_Xigmatec Oeh, good job! Great that you feel the positive outcome of your actions so clearly! Keep trying with the popcorn and chips! You can do this!

@Milk_Bar_Prophet Meditation, that’s a good one… Want to incorporate that as well some time in my life. Good luck with your resolutions, you got this! Going to bed earlier and no more allnighters will probably make you feel a lot better and more energetic down the road.

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