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I am going to work 10+ hours a week for the next 30 days for sure, and plan to have a functioning VR shooter with enemies and basic procedural world generation. As an off topic thing, some of the difficult walls I am already hitting are being distracted by are polish (of course) and 3d modeling. As I am not an artist, I needed to learn Houdini modeling in a fairly short amount of time to get the particular aesthetic I wanted, and so spent much of my last sprint doing that instead of getting necessary systems in place. Now that the model is somewhat in place, I am going to blitz through the animation to get something on the screen with the animation names and basics enough to get an enemy chasing the player on sight. (I will tackle sound later, basics first)

Good luck, and let us know you get on :slight_smile:

It is coming along decently-ish. I will say that Houdini has a massively steep learning curve for every possible use case. I am getting some animations, although I need to import some Mixamo reference animations. I was originally using them directly with my skeleton through successful retargeting, but I realized that they were not quite what I was going for and I was having a rather hard time trying to import them into UE 4 because of some root bone issue. With that in mind, I solved this by trying my hand at animating them myself. (I could in hindsight just add the root bones in after the retarget process [Houdini is awesome in that regard] but I wanted to try it myself)