New version of Laser Defender with much improvements and polish



This is looking really good, well done.

It took me a minute or so to work a few things out, e.g. what the power was for, how I got it, but soon realised…

I love the asteroids, they look fantastic, as do your ships. The rolling side to side is a really nice touch. Effects are good. Have enjoyed playing it and will have another go in a moment as I want to know what comes after that first boss ship :slight_smile:

Good to hear it’s fun enough you want to come back. The weapon system is suppose to encourage the player to shoot more ships instead of let them pass by. Otherwise you can get all the way to the boss without firing a single shot. I tried making it so you would loss a weapon level if you lost too much power, but it didn’t really work well in the game so now it’s kind of like a level score.

Note to anyone trying this. Be sure to full screen. It’s a little tall and the website cuts off the top of the screen where the boss health bar is located! This is designed with an android ratio.

Keep shooting enemies to raise your score.
Your first weapon level unlocks at 1000 points
then every 2000
Level 3 : 4000
Level 4: 6000
Level 5: 8000
Level 6 : 10,000

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Just as a heads-up @Jared_Kellen, the icon for full screen doesn’t seem to do anything for myself (using Chrome), but I found changing the zoom in the browser to 67% worked nicely for me :slight_smile:

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