New tools very different. bitly link broken

A lot of this video isn’t relevant any more (in 5.6.1f1), as the tools have changed significantly since recording. Considering this is a new topic which I (and I’m sure many others) are still struggling to understand, it generally leads to not really knowing what is going on. Also, the link is broken, and of no help at all.

Could perhaps re-record this video?

I’m just realizing this myself and I now feel rather stuck. I really don’t know how to proceed at this point.

I thought it said on the video that it doesn’t apply to people about 5.3 or something?

All the stuff you need is now under the “test runner” window, or something like that.

Can I suggest you use the version of Unity used in the videos, you can have more than one version installed. That way you get a consistent learning experience, while still covering the fundamentals of the topic.

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Just did this section (Section 8 Lecture 210) on 5.6.
There wasn’t really much different, a few things though…

  • As others have said in different threads, no need to import the test package in 5.6, just click Window > Test Runner
  • Don’t bother with the first bit where Ben shows off the built in sample tests, just ignore that until a minute later in the video where you write your first failing test. (From here just follow Ben’s instructions like always)
  • Ignore when Ben mentions clicking the little arrow to show “test on recompile” that isn’t in 5.6 anymore

Congratulations, you are now equipped to continue without changing from 5.6 to a lower Unity 5 version.

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I’m using Unity 2017.1, and I found how to set it up, so that it will work the same way as in the video.

As the screenshot below shows, you need to go into Window and select TestRunner.

A TestRunner window will pop up. And it has almost the same functionality as the video shows. The only thing it doesn’t have is running on compile. You have to press Run All every time.

I also had a problem with an error message, when I first installed the Unity Test Tools. And I resolved this problem by doing Build All in MonoDevelop editor. This showed me the code where the error message was coming from (SampleTests.cs). And I just commented out the section of code that caused this error message. This section of code is just an example that’s not necessary for running Unity Test Tools.

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