New to programming taking the Udemy course using Unreal Engine

My daughter and I are interested in programming in general as a hobby, we are currently taking the Unreal Engine Development course from Udemy. Anybody else taking that course right now? Any advice? We have some experience in programming from basic web coding html and php, and MySQL as well as python.

  • Brian

Hi my name is Zoey and I am really excited to learn coding with my dad and I love coding and i have been doing it since I was 6

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Hey Brian and Zoey,

I’ve just started taking the course myself, and looking forward to seeing your progress as we go through it! I’m in the same boat, doing it as a general hobby as I have a lot of web development experience (though I’m on the Ruby side of the fence).

Great to see you going through the course with your daughter, I’m sure you’ll make some great games and memories!

Just remember to have fun with it and ask about anything that doesn’t make sense!

  • Cazrin

Great stuff! I look forward to seeing your questions as we go through the course. Lot’s of people have been in your shoes before so you should be in great company.

I’m currently in Section 2 of the course, and i’m having a great time with it! There’s a few hitches throughout the videos that may trip you up, due to software updates, but they tend to stay on top of the post editing to keep up with the tech. Good luck with your course, and i shall see you both at the finish line!


Yeah, a lot of tiny changes to VisualStudio and the Unreal Engine, but that makes it interesting. Starts slow, but I hope in Section 2 things pick up. Thanks for replying to our post. How new are you to game development?



Was your web development experience a hobby as well or real business? I’ve dabbled with web development for work and fun, but I never really got into Ruby.


It was just a hobby when I started (15 years ago!) but now do it for a living, have been getting paid to write Ruby for the last 5 years or so, before that it was C#, before that PHP etc. etc. Just have to keep on expanding your skill set as time moves on!

Oh! All courses I’ve done with Udemy were great! The only downside is that I had to pay for them since I’m not a student anymore! Also, when I first got started with coding and web development in general, I knew nothing about it. So, Udemy is a perfect choice since they offer plenty of beginner-level courses. If you’re already familiar with coding and programming, then don’t worry! There’s enough to choose from as well if you’re a pro! By the way, it’s a bit off-topic, but I wondered whether you guys know by any chance a good company that offers hotel software development services? Thank you, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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