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Is there are any plans from gamedev to add more courses on other topics?
Specifically mobile games, i found very little information on how to do it with unreal engine.
I also would like to try to make some money out of it, so how to monetize? adding transactions and ads, how to add the game to google play or apple store…or generally how to produce the whole project.
I think a course like that would be worth a lot!

I am sure it’ll tell you somewhere here

Quick Start guides for both Android and iOS linked at the top

It’s not really that good or on a level of proper training, its like saying read the documentation instead of taking a course from GameDev.
I have done some research and found a lot of posts that people having a lot of trouble because there are no proper explanation/course on that matter.
I’m just saying that i think it will be a huge success if a training like that will become available.

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