Never done something like that before and already impressed

This project was done with Krita. Decided to go with simple shapes and nothing too crazy looking. Tried doing some shading before having a look at the lecture about it testing how can I deal with it myself.
Not quite sure if blended colours on blade good enough. Love the handle and bandages though :slight_smile:

UPD 1: Removed the line on the blade-handle connection part to make it look more natural. Thanks @FedPete for noting that :slight_smile:


great process workflow, well done.

The connection of the blade and handle is a bit unusual. The blade goes around the handle … - Look up references

Oh, I see. My problem was that I was mostly using axes with blade and the β€œring” separate to each other as my references, and they stuck in my mind while I was drawing it. So removing the line would make it look more clean and natural, I guess.
This way the only thing left would be to show the transition of metal thickness from the handle portion to the middle of the blade by doing some shading work.

Correct me if I’m wrong, please

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