Navmesh around a river

Here is my first navmesh from a corner of my level over a lake, looking across a river to the base of the mountain.

I want to put bridges over the river at certain points, but I’m wondering if the navmesh will handle that. Forging onward!


Shouldn’t be any reason why not. Be conscious of the width of the bridges though, as the NavMesh settings (Agent Radius etc) will determine how far from the edge of the bridge the NavMesh will be, if the bridge is too narrow it may not create it.

Your level is looking very good by the way, be sure to check around those trees to make sure that your zombies will be able to get where you actually want them to get to, bottom middle looks like it may be unreachable.


Great looking terrain the curve of your river bed is looking really good. I did bridges in my game, it is very straight forward.


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