Name this place

A bit of a challenge for you… I’ve blocked out this scene with primitives and given them some basic materials. But, I wonder how many people can recognize the location based only on the primitives?


The question is not clear to me :smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by “recognize the location”

Friends :slight_smile:

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Where might you find it?
What is its Location?
Who lives there?

any or all of the above

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Ok… never watched “Friends”

Another one for you:

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Winter has come my friend…:laughing:

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Chandler and Joey live there.

Also, East Watch.

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@R_Kyle_Butler correct, now I challenge you to create a scene for us to identify.

  • Make a scene either real or from TV.
    • If from TV make it one which would be recognizable to many.
  • Try and keep it low-poly
  • While they should accurately convey what they are, keep the materials simple
  • Have fun

This one should be easy.


The Taj Mahal :smile:

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indeed, you got it. :+1:

A poorly executed, highly inaccurate version of what?



I haven’t seen the series but that looks suspiciously like the bridge of a starship. Say… the Discovery

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ding ding ding! We have a winner :wink: