My Zombie Runner : EscapeZ

I love zombies, so I decided to go a little further with the zombie runner section of the course and try my hand at making it some kind of FPS. Here’s a little sneak peek where I just finished implementing the gun!

Right now I have another zombie in there (that’s not coming from the asset store!) and I’m working on the HUD. More to come!


Can’t wait until you have a playable demo online, looks fun! I haven’t gotten to Zombie Runner yet (Still on BowlMaster), but it looks like you are doing what I want to do. Keep going!

woah, this looks so good. really well done i hope to be able to play it, and for it to have a nice short plot or something :slight_smile: good job and keep it up i love how you use the flash light it adds a lot of “fear” and the flash light actually Lights Up we can see because of it :slight_smile: (i always hate when the flash light is useless in games and the levels are too dark)

@ KimSet
i must say, since you are at bowl master, be prepared to have a couple of Burn Outs as soon as you reach “TDD” (i faced like 2 or 3 burn outs in that section… Alone…)
however now im in zombie runner and so far it is easy, at least way easier than bowl master.

@Kimset I am working hard to have a playable prototype, but there is a gazillion things that still needs to be done! I will post some progress here for sure!

@MoMutrz Thanks! The game actually starts without the flashlight, so you have to pick it up unless you won’t see a thing (that’s not entirely true, there is a faint blueish directionnal light emitting from the sky). And I also remember banging my head against the wall during the Bowl Master section!

I registered in this forum just to congratulate you.
The first shot scared the hell out of me (just not waiting for it :smile: )
Keep working and keep posting :slight_smile: . Very good job dude…

Thanks I appreciate it!

Awesome job, I’m so proud

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Great zombie runner, the details of the houses were well thought out… and the breeze shown in the trees is a nice touch. It would make a sweet moble app… congrats

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