My VR Goals



Hi, good morning everybody,

I am excited to have found this course.

My first goal is to make a virtual reality treadmill that allows me to go for a run in exciting environments without leaving my lounge. If only I could go for a proper run in Google Earth VR without having to constantly click to the next street view position.

I’ve got an HTC Vive and I have been playing with Unity, Steam VR and a virtual reality development kit (VRTK) for a while, but it would great to understand in more detail how to directly control the VR kit without the use of a development kit.

It’s been years since I last used C++, so this will be interesting… Is a course with Unity and Steam VR also on the horizon?

All in all I am really looking forward to a structured course to help me understand the basics of VR development.




Hi Bettina,

I love Google Earth VR (GEVR)! Often times I spend so much time in there that my eyes start to hurt a little. Street view is cool, but it always seems like being stuck inside a picture to me. It’s fun to fly around in the full VR and then peak inside places with street view. I know that Unity has a free SDK called WRLD that’s a kind of cartoonish version of GEVR, not sure if its available in Unreal. -Jorgen


Hi Jorgen,

thanks for the hint, I will check out WRLD, sounds interesting!



BTW I looked into it and WRLD is not available in Unreal. There’s an interesting program called CityEngine that can do some amazing real world building, however it costs around $500US. They do have a one month free trial. Here’s a youtube clip about it


Awesome idea!