My Version Prison Break Text Adventure

Now on the surface this “game” looks almost identical to the Text101 game in the course, however, as I was coding the game from scratch, I realized that the code started to get very unwieldy, very quickly. I wanted to have different text show in the code if you went somewhere and returned, you know - a bit like stairs_0 to stairs_1, but, was having trouble keeping track of getting the states to match the actions and having multiple copies of every state action, in the end I started using boolean values in the code and using nested loops in the options. It made sense to me to do it that way.

Anyways, the actions and results are pretty much the same as the Authors (Ben’s) version. In any event I learnt a hell of a lot from this exercise.

There are probably mistakes aplenty and if anyone finds a transition that doesn’t work please reply telling me where. I went batty checking the transitions.

Game Link here

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