My version of Block Breaker and UI scale issue

Hi, ok this is my version.

I have an issue with the "Lives " UI not scaling correctly in full screen, however I can’t replicate it on a local build it just works. So I need to investigate the settings. Anyone have any thoughts?

I am still looking for thoughts and collaberation on auto build for blocks…
Separate post already up for that.

Anyway enjoy, and if not why not… all feed back welcome.

Thanks Si

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Hi Simon, enjoyed this, nice take on Block Breaker. Sound effects are nice, cracking is subtle, ball bounce is fun. Background graphics are also fun and suit the type of game.

The music I found got a bit annoying, the clip being used repeats pretty quickly and levels on this type of game can take quite a while sometimes to complete - could just be me though :slight_smile:

I saw you have gravity enabled for the ball, I’ve seen this used quite a lot of times and I’m not personally sure that it should be there. If you get a rebound which sends the ball almost horizontal it looks quite odd in my opinion that the ball just falls back downwards… again, might just be me from all those years on Arkanoid on the Atari ST…

When you make the game go full screen on the “Lives” counter looks like it’s been moved under the bricks. Only saw it once and did have chance to really give it much thought. You’ve already mentioned it in your original post obviously.

Last thing I noticed was that if you let all your lives go (e.g. just fail to hit the ball) - you can see that before you goto the game over screen “lives” jumps back to 3 again :slight_smile:

Really like the idea of the level selection at the beginning, very cool :slight_smile:

Hi @Rob,

Thanks so much for taking the time to play, and writing your comments.

Music…Yeah isn’t it. I will be perfectly honest, I struggle with the music side of this. I found the process of choosing a background do track tedious. This was the one I picked quickly through the tutorial and I felt it captured the spirit. But was annoyingly short. it drove me mad. Will spend more time on it.

Gravity, well that explains a lot. I must have caught that setting near the end of publish. I couldn’t understand when it was uploaded why it’s behaviour changed. Will sort that. Good spot thanks…

Didn’t notice the level reset being obvious. I will move the method call somewhere else I guess ?

I will sort an update tonight.

As a bonus for taking the time to play it, I have remastered the background track onto cd/mp3 for your commute to work. Let me know where to send it? …:wink:

Sure no worries Simon. It’s been a while since I checked but I the gravity being on in this game may have been done to correct an issue that can occur where the ricochet seems to become infinitely repetitive. Side to side/up and down with out changing its angle. I can’t remember but you will soon find out if so :slight_smile:

That’s for the offer of the soundtrack… lol… please send it for my attention, care of @Ben :smiley:

I liked the game and wish I had thought to put in lives for my game so it is not an instant start over when you miss. Great fun!

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It’s never too late to go back and update it @Mike_Burt :slight_smile:

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