My UV Mapping Spitfire Animation

My UV Mapping animation from the new course


Such a exciting mini movie!
Camera cuts are nice, enough movement and dynamics.
Clear renders and nice background, and skies.

A minus, could be the height of the camera of first person view.
The doors in the house(s) does not fit this persons view/height.

It’s a good Blender animation sample.


Great mini film. The trouble is Spitfire wheels do not raise up like that. They go sideways. Google ‘Spitfire undersides’ to see how they lay flat sideways.

Despite it being a fighter there were apparently some variants that were made for use as a bomber so you can just about get away with that! :grin:

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I agree, upon watching it back the walking scene could have been better.

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Thanks, ah really? Thanks for that, you learn something new every day :yum: I’m not too clued up on my Spitfire history but if a few were made as a bomber then I will take that :rofl:


That was sick! I liked the elements you added to the plane and the smoke system that you had in there. Everything was very cool!


Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback :smiley:

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