My Triple-X :: goal, notes, troubles

Here’s my take on Triple-X.

In the end, I’ll keep track of days survived and days without food/water for a final score. You die after failing to solve the code three days in a row (presuming rule of 3s for survival). I may create a txt file to save the Top 10 scores with initials like old arcades.

It started off as an idea for a diet – have to crack the code to get a snack, hence “Snack Time” (I snack too much so it was the first idea to come to me!). So that subtitle might change, but kinda diggin’ it at the moment. It’s a bit of a juxtaposition with the life-or-death concept.

This is just after adding the ASCII title:

Will update at the end or if I run in to a problem. I’ve had some coding experience before (a course in C++ 20 yrs ago at uni, some perl utilities off-and-on through career, and some python) so I have a basic working knowledge. I don’t expect to run in to anything I cannot figure out or use my Google-Fu to beat.

Not sure where I’m heading by taking the course. It’s mostly for fun since I’m semi-retired. But if I git gud maybe I’ll make some extra cash with my own app! :slight_smile:

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Great to hear from you about your experience. I do agree that a programming experience is very handy in the matter of learning game development, I’ve been studying here and there for more than a year, finished a few courses on Udemy, and only now I feel comfortable with choosing this path, a year ago, I would never imagine doing all this magic with unreal engine and cpp :slight_smile:

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