My Time and Info for Others

GPU: AMD R9270x
Time : 2:32

Used an add on that comes with Blender that you just need to turn on, and it 'll help you optimize your tile size.

Auto Tile Size

Open User Preferences > Add-ons > Search “Auto Tile” > click the check box > Save User Settings

Now at the bottom of the “Performance” options you should have “Auto Tile Size” just turn it on and it should figure it out for you based on which hardware you have selected at the top.


And yes I know my GPU is super out of date. I’m just waiting to see what vega has to offer before deciding to buy nVidia or AMD for my upcoming computer build.

Thanks Scott, this helped a lot.

Hi @Scott_Glendinning,
I want to know how to set up CPU with AMD. Mine is AMD Radeon R7 200 Series.
Thank you

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