My take on Laser Defender with write up

My take on laser defender.

I would like to share with you all my version of the laser defender game, i took quite a while getting this to the level I wanted the game to be at paying a lot of attention to graphics sounds and especially immersion.
like with previous games that I have made for this course i truly wanted to make it my own and make all assets from scratch.
to get started here is the link to my game:

Controls are arrow keys to move around and space bar to shoot.

please give the game a try and see what you think about it and let me know what you liked and didn’t like.
i would like to go through a bit of deconstruction of my game and let you know what kind of processes i went through to end up with the game that i have now. all of my assets were made using InkScape its probably my favourite vector based graphic creation tool i couldn’t recommend this program enough.

Player 1 the Hero

this was my first design of the player 1 ship the defender to save us all i didn’t take a long time in making this i just wanted something that i could control and have something that could shoot the lasers again the laser was something that i thought looked right at the time.
after introducing the ship and laser i was pretty happy with what i had it wasn’t until i made the enemy sprites that i noticed that the design process that i took with the sprites (shown below) that the original player 1 sprite just didn’t fit anymore so i went back to the drawing board to give it another go and then i ended up with:

the player was given a more 3d feeling ship like the front of the ship was further away from the back of the ship so everything had a more 3d feel. both the enemy and players lasers took a complex view to begin with and then i decided that they didn’t really fit the feel of the game and so i made them more simple and straight forward so that

The Enemy

its funny how quick some designs can take to become a finished idea this kind of image is literally 5 circles duplicated at different sizes on different layers. i was happy with what i had made first time for the enemy there are probably alot of ways that it could be improved and made alot better but it fits the game perfectly to me.

BackGround Effects

i took maybe a little bit to long with particle systems stay awhile on a level and you will get asteroid zipping by a hubble space telescope whizzing around taking pictures as he does, planet systems and comets, above you can see the sprite sheet for the different objects that would be chosen to be loaded into the particle system, the stars were made by the normal way of being shown but to give a more versatile feel i gave them a gradient to pick their colours from and to chose their size between two constants so that no two stars could have a higher chance of being the same size or colour.
another background effect using the same principle was the jet from the back of the hero ship.

using the particles to display the above blured out gradient image which gave a nice flickering jet propulsion.

my music was made with Magix music maker by just playing around and mixing different sounds around (there is a 30 day trial of this tool.

license info is here and adding them to the game the same sound for the game over from my brick breaking game was remixed to be used for this game as well.

Sound Effects
Sound effects were made using Audacity a very cool application that is very useful for making different sounds i used this program to make sound effects from my previous games like brick breaker. this program is fairly hard to get to grips with but once you do you can make quite a few cool sounds that can be used for many different games making recording with your microphone and then mixing them can give you alot of desired effects.

fonts were taking from under a font called Aspace the name seemed so fitting so i wanted to use this one for my game.

things that I have learnt
I have to say to the team behind this course i am thoroughly enjoying this course more than what i expected learning how powerful unity is and what you can make with this tool the particle system and learning what this could be used for and how versatile it is.
Animation can make things look a lot more professional and give things a polished feel and what makes the animation so , this has to be my favourite module so far I am looking forward to the rest of the course.

Thank you for your time.

Great job! It looks great and the sprites really fit the gameplay type. I liked the asteroids that flew by, and think that it would be fun i they could collide with the player, adding a new mechanic to the game.

I was able to fly right passed the enemies and just chill at the top of the screen, where they could not hit me. Maybe clamping the movement to half way up would improve it?

Again, I think it looks great, and I hope my game comes out as well.

  • Freddie

thanks Freddie, i did consider making the asteroids inherit a collision property i do agree i think it would make a interesting game mechanic.

it would involve a little extra work as the material that the particle system uses also contains the planets, satellite, and comets, to begin with i was going for random objects hurling past.

i will also take a look at the clamping issue that you found, many thanks.
good luck with your project.

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