My take on Glitch garden: Queen's Garden

As the tittle says. here is my take on glitch garden.
Queen’s Garden
sorry it is not in a web version, but i have faced some weird bug with WebGl Build so i had to simply just upload the Pc version of it.

3 Distinct levels
3 Attackers + A Boss
5 Defenders + A Hero
SomeWhat Of A Boss Battle :smiley:

Cheats: Press {C} for Extra 500 Cash
Press {W} for speeding up the win bar.

hope you at least like the visuals :heart::heart::heart:


I could not get to download your game since the Dropbox gave an error, but I really liked your take on the Glitch Garden. Did you actually publish this on Android? I believe it is a game people would want to check out.

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thanks for telling me, can you please show me the error you get?
i did not upload the game from dropbox, i uploaded it directly into ItchIo, you should be able to download it just fine by clicking the download button. if you can please show me the error i’d be thankful.

Here is what I see:

i am not really sure about this issue, since the game itself is not uploaded on drop box
it must be a form of bug,
but i have uploaded a different build of the game and called it Queen’sGardenVV
it was uploaded directly so it should also work.

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