My Specialization

I am a Unity Gameplay Programmer with experience coding and debugging in C# and the unity game engine.

Here was my specialization result from this lecture, how does it sound?


Looking good. I would personally change it to…

I am a professional Unity Gameplay Programmer. My experience ranges from coding, debugging and working in the Unity engine specializing in C#.

Something like that. Let me know what you think.

I figured I’d continue on this thread rather than starting a new one :slight_smile:

I am currently stuck on what I actually want to specialization in. I have a background in software and database development and have been in the insurance industry for 6 years. Here are the specializations I’m torn between…and I’d love to dive into anyone of these:

-Gameplay Developer.
-Game Test Engineer.
-Game Level Designer.

So my specialization description would look something like this (where XYZ references one of the three roles above):

I am a professional XYZ. I have strong skills in C#, database/data warehouse development, and build automations.

Any tips one pin pointing a specializations? I know that can be a loaded question, but I’m just looking for recommendations/guidance.

Also, I’ve created a few Unity games (just from courses as of now), so not sure if that’s worth mentioning in my specialization description.


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Hey Jake,
My approach would be to try out those three specific things in a little more detail. Challenge yourself to do an in depth dive into one and see if you like it. If you find one you like more than the others, do a little research about how it is done at a very high level. See if you can imagine yourself doing those things and enjoying it.

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