My Spacelander Game


I’ve done my homework that was given on the last video in the second lecture of the game physics course. Hope you’ll like it. My Spacelander Game


Hey @Patrik_Aradi, very cool! Reminds me of the old Luner Lander game on the Atari all those years ago…

One minor thing, I didn’t quite make the pad, landed on the edge of it, just on the red bit… it appeared the game had ended but there wasn’t a message or anyway to restart without pressing F5.

Will have another go now… just wanted to feedback :slight_smile:


thank you :smiley:
Yeah that needs fixing :smiley: , if you land correctly or crash into the ground you will get a screen where you can restart. I’m glad you enjoied it!


Just spotted that when I pressed the D button and it went the opposite way to what I had assumed… lol… despite your instructions I still got it wrong! lol… crashed at epic velocity and got called a murderer… lol… very good :slight_smile:


Nice! One thing I did notice is that if I leave the viewscreen the lander will fall forever with no way to restart the level. You could set up a trigger to reset the level if the player leaves the play space.


That might be what I did come to think of it… as I have both crashed and landed successfully and had options to restart! Nice spot @wesley :slight_smile:


yeah will fix that! Thanks for the observation :smiley:


I actually landed safely on the planet too… lol… not on the pad… I think the original game had you explode when that happened… so you get an opportunity to call me a murderer against @Patrik_Aradi :wink:

You could give the player a score at the end of the game if they are successful too, perhaps just based on the amount of fuel remaining… that way I could try another time and see if I could do it any better…


Feels so good not to be called a murderer! Finally got a good landing.


lol @DaveB