My short text adventue

Super short adventure. I discovered it was fairly easy to modify rooms with simple if statements and bools like playerHasKey - you can modify the text of the state or even what state a key press will activate (if playerHasKey state = a, else state = b) anyways enjoy!

But what’s downstairs!?

Maybe a quick thing to make it look nicer:

L to get lamp
D to use door
X to give every option its own line

(if only it were so easy)

I love your “In the dark” sprite! Did you make that yourself?

Good idea on the formating, I’ll give that a shot! I was also considering doing a simple inventory that would always show up in the bottom right. There’s so little space in the web player though!

No I didn’t make tge title sprite, it’s actually just a font from from - worth checking out, any font you have in your assets folder can be used in game!

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