My ShareMyGame game ( Vowlz )... feedback please?

So I made this awhile ago as I was going through Bens unity course. I was only about halfway done when I had to stop and try and get this idea finished.

It’s not as fun as I would have hoped and I HAVE to prune the words dictionary – these are supposedly real words that I found but some are so hard its not even cool and just a total guess.

Aside from that, I would LOVE to get some feedback on if this game is even worth doing another iteration to maybe polish the graphics add some bonuses or something or whatever you guys think. LET ME KNOW and thanks!

( turn on the sound with the gear icon - for some reason I set it all off by default )

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Nice game. I liked it.
Maybe the word count can be increased faster.
I feel the game is best suited for mobile devices.

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Thanks! Ya its on the Android market as well as the highly voluminous Windows store :pensive: . It’s really supposed to be mainly mobile.

Can you explain more what you mean about word count? Do you think snazzier graphics or more bonuses would make it more fun at all?

Sorry it should have been letter count and not word count.
I encountered mostly 3 letter words.

Yes improving the graphics would be good.

Multiplayer would be a great addition. Maybe you should look at similar games from playstore for some inspiration. I use this website for UI design ideas.

Please also post the google play store link of your game.

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That’s weird on the letter count thing…i’ll double check it. I had actually thrown this up once completed and forgotten all about it until the ShareMyGame thing just the other day. I am not even sure I posted the latest version :frowning: … Maybe with some inspiration and feedback I can make it fun and viable. Thanks a ton!

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I am not able to install the game in MiPad which has android 4.4.
The message shown is :
“This app is incompatible with your device.”
“No carrier Xiaomi MI PAD”

Also some links for sharing/promoting the game.

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Love it. Very cool concept. I would try to polish the UI in some places like the slider at the top and the resolution of some of the sprites is a little low. But over all a really cool game.

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well **** … i published in Feb of 2016. 4.4 is a few years back … dang.

Thanks Sam! YES… I can’t help but think that if I make the graphics better and get rid of some of the impossible words – along with some sort of bonuses … or better looking bonuses, that it might actually be fun to play. Thank you!!!

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I thought it was a good game, though I didn’t like the buzzer sound, it sounds like you lose every time the game ends.

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