My Sculpted Bunny

I tried to keep it simple, while also sculpting as much of the model as I could. Here’s the result.

It looks fluffy already!

The feet are a little wonky, but at the cost of time, I managed to get them to a point I found acceptable. Gotta keep telling myself to keep it lean!

Thanks for checking in :sunglasses:


Also remember the set-up of your original scene sketch. The feet can be hidden by grass and flowers.
If you don’t see them, then you don’t need them…
But the rabbits head is low to the ground, may this will influence the front feet.

Just my thoughts.

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Thanks for the input pete! :thumbsup:

I’ll keep those feet in mind when I start to complete the scene. But I think I want to keep them around for now.

My original thought was that I would brush the grass down a bit where the rabbit is sitting, or that the structure of the hill would allow for seeing the legs at least… but I may end up just letting the grass cover those feet. Not 100% set in stone on that ideas just yet.

Anyways, you certainly got me thinking hard about how I want to approach this. I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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