My project in 30 days

So I challenge myself to work 15 hours a week (I have exams the next three weeks and a one week vacation so yay :grinning:)

And by the end of those 30 days (25 - 9 - 2021) I will have finished the following:

  • Player can choose one of three styles for each jewelry type they’re crafting
  • Player can choose each gemstone to use on their jewelry
  • Player will find the displayed piece visually the same as the one they crafted
  • I know how much time the player spends each day
  • Player is alerted to the end and beginning of a day
  • I know the frequency of customers appearing normally
  • Player can see the time of the day (through a wall clock probably)
  • I have two animated customers

Wish you the best with your projects and happy committing :muscle:

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How’s your project going?

I am interested to see the final results of the project. because putting a challenge to complete a project in 30 days is a challenge itself. all the good luck.

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Yeah that is. I tried it once and my game was messy but at least I had something :blush: