My periscope :s

So awhile back we spent a good bit talking about archetypal images, right? How you can draw a picture of a square and a triangle stacked together, and everyone intuitively knows it’s a house.

Well, I thought about the traditional image that comes with a periscope. And I thought, when told to use a cube and two wedges, why? I can duplicate cylinders and edit those and crush them together and get a periscope, right? So I did.

Once I unpaused and continued the video, I realized we had thrown caution to the wind, and weren’t really doing a periscope - but a slanted cube.

Aw well. I like my version better!

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My initial response was the same… and I really really thought about doing what you did. Way nice looking

Your model looks great!

:smile: I envisioned the same thing you modeled when I heard the word “periscope”. When I saw the assigned shape, it reminded me of the periscope projects I used to make at home using two small mirrors and an empty aluminum foil box. This shows how to make one from a cereal box:

Haha there’s the problem, I never had come in contact with that in school. Whoops!

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