My Orc so far

My first time sculpting a character so this course as been really hepful for a beginner like me!


He looks awesome! Did you start this course with any Blender experience? How long have you spent on the course so far?

I am working on the 2D course alongside the blender course and some personal projects…it is kinda scattered but so is my attention. I notice I am watching videos several times so it is likely to take me awhile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you! I also follow the 3D modeling course for beginners so I had a little bit of experience with blender before starting this course. Id say I spent around 20 hours maybe on this? I’m not really fast and I like to go over the videos a couple of times haha

I hope your experience with the course is good so far and I hope to see from you in the future!

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Wow this is stunning! :clap:t2::clap:t2::fire::muscle:t3:

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Looking great is this.

Retopology is going to take a while on this but if you get the main body retopologized then worry about the rocky parts later, it might be easier :slight_smile:

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Really like how your orc is holding its own weight

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I appreciate all the nice comments, thank you everyone!

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