My old new sandbox

An overview of my “new” sandbox. It’s just a stripped down version of the test scene I was using before. With a few markings on it to remind me of the general level design I’m going for. Main town area is where you get equipment and quests. Other areas as follow by color.

Yellow = Learn basic movement of character and camera. Intro story to game.
Purple = melee tutorial area.
Red = ranged combat and if applicable stealth mechanics tutorial.
Purple = magic and spells.
Blue = Demo quest area. Party combat mechanics tutorial.
Black = Evil abandoned rundown castle of DOOM !!!, or just a dilapidated old building with roaches… ewwwwww.

I also showed the hierarchy and project panel as I just recently did the clean up for teamwork tutorial to show how it is organized. I opened the environment object and blacksmith building to give a little more detail as how my organization is structured. Enjoy

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