My "NewMap" wiped clean? And SourceTree Push to Git failure


The biggest issue is that this morning, when I started up the Unreal Editor for the project, the starter content that was in the level yesterday is now completely gone. The objects are still present on disk, but, apparently are no longer in the “level definition.” All was duly saved - the editor starts up the project just fine and the “NewMap” level does get loaded - it’s just empty!

Anyone have any thoughts?

Also, GIT is not liking the “PositionReporter” class - I’m thinking the problem is the “PositionReporter.generated.h” file (not sure where that is ATM). GIT complains its 91mb in size, and SourceTree errors out on the push.

I’m using GIT on the web so I can work on this stuff while at my office and at home, so that is a bit necessary.

How do I fix that problem? I miss the ole Visual Source Safe - so much easier for simple things…

Thanks in advance!


Hmmm… seems I “hiccupped” here - I’m not awake yet this morning. NewMap is empty because I never added anything to it… :open_mouth: doh!

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