My motivation

Hello my name is Alonso. I am from CostaRica and I am 38 years old right now. I started(or restarted) to study software development at 36yo. Some C++, some JAVA, html5… Then I came across Python and felt in love with it… However I was not to sure about how to continue… I made some programs mainly crazy ideas that I had like an substituion cypher based on “Castle of Dr. Brain’s”…

One day a friend told me; “hey do you know this Unity engine??” I have barely heard of it… and when I made my research of it… it was like an universe of light opened in my head THE aha!! Moment of my life!!!

So here I am with my new main goal in life to become an Unity engine expert!! Also I want to combine tecnologies like Django and Unity to create incredible user experiences and offer awesome products and services that I will develop eventually.

Thank you very much for your awesome courses!!