My LowPoly Chees Board (Section 4 Blender Course)

Testing the Sketchfab embedding and my newly created account :slight_smile:


Nice i think mine wouldnt post as i animated it a bit so watch out for that if you do animations in Blender :slight_smile:

Nice one, looks smart in this.

Wow, I LOVE that board… and how it embeds here.

This is a super nice touch, is it just for display purposes or will we be able to download, interact with the Meshes?

Oh, Ok just answered my own question, clicked on the Sketchfab link above, well thank you for Sketchfab, never heard of it.

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Great job! Love the HDR; hope it’s covered in this section (I just finished the Bishop…)

niiiice! I can’t wait to get to that section :smiley:

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