My low poly dungeon

So this is gonna be my thread for my low poly dungeon scene/level, I’m gonna keep it updated as I go. :smiley:



Pillars(I made a couple of variants - Eevee):


Looking good items to start with.

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Thank you :smiley:

I made walls, for all the pillar variants. Probably gonna do the same for the doors, doorways, and corners.

Variant 1:

Variant 2:

Variant 3:

Variant 4:


Made a doorway, I tried to add a good amount of character to it. I may have went a little overboard. :sweat_smile:


Update time!

So, I limited myself to a total of 6 hours for modeling props and stuff for the dungeon, I’m really happy with what I’ve come up with.

Floor tiles:


The layout (I have yet to do the materials and torches, but I just couldn’t wait to share, so do forgive the lighting):

Room 1:

Room 2 / walkway (Gonna try to put lava under the bridge):

Room 3 (The treasure room, gonna have a portal in the back right of the room):

I plan on animating a camera to walk around at eye level when I have all the materials and lighting done.

A thank you to the whole community here, I’ve learned so many things thanks to this community. Every time I’ve needed the inspiration to keep going, this community has given it.


Looking good so far. With that bridge, are you intending two floor levels? Have you made a set of modular steps? I see barred floor gratings which must be above a ‘something’.

Would that chest have got through the doors? Perhaps it will be scaled down yet.

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You ask all the right questions my friend! I will fix the chest for sure. Now the other floors are a little out of scope for me right now, gonna revisit for sure, just gonna fill it with lava for now. I wanna move on to sculpting, finally put this XP-Pen to good use.


Update time! A finished project (sorta).

Animating a camera on a curve was a little different, shoulda made it a bit better. I wanted to do a 720p render, but I forgot to change the resolution before I let it render through the night, oopsie.


amazing! Well done.

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thank you! :heart:

I feel like I’m finally taking some good steps into game development! :exploding_head:


Try importing it now to game engine and see how it looks there! :slight_smile:

Btw. for me scale is still off (but that might be also effect of fish eye you choose for the camera).

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While I do want to, I’m doing the character course now. So when I rig a character that I’m happy with and get it workin in unreal, I’ll definitely throw them together in unreal. the boxes and barrels may be a bit big compared to the walls too along with the camera really being off lol.


Good video walkthrough. Of an open air maze. :grin:

No roof, not a dungeon!

true lol, this project will definitely be revisited :sweat_smile:

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Curiously enough, there is such a thing as “open air dungeons”… weird I know, but they do exist.