My lighthouse :)

As a coder, I have zero art skill. So to be able to make this shows how good your lessons are.


Looking good! Blender is fun - I also started from coding background and look at me now - mostly don’t close Blender :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:


Looking good, night time lighthouse scene.

Welcome to this site.
Take some time to look around and take part, support, and encourage other students.

Keep going through the course and gaining more abilities to make it better still.
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Really nice, I love that low-poly look, would love to see more of your work in that style!


Thank you for the kind words. I did this following the tutorial for beginners so the style is just me doing what I was told. :slight_smile:

I am considering having a go at some indie game development. In the past I have always had a team of artists building the content for the games I have worked on. So, as a solo indie, I thought it was time to learn the art basics. :slight_smile: I still have much to learn but I hope it’ll give me the knowledge to build the world that is in my head.

Many thanks,