My lighthouse attempt

Hello everybody! The lighthouse assignment is great. Here is my attempt to make it.
I added some fancy water using this tutorial, textured the island with grass, road and rock colors and created more detailed house models with emissive windows.

I couldn’t choose which renderer looks better, so I attach the images rendered with both cycles and eevee.

Cycles renderer. The reflections are much prettier and crispy in my opinion.

Eevee renderer. More dark and has nice bloom effect. Does somebody know how to bring it to cycles?

I’m also planning to add simple models for trees if I’d have time.




Comparing Eevee and Cycles is difficult because those are different render engines.
Used for different purposes and usages.
In more complex projects it’s difficult to match both render engines in results.

Just have fun, good progress and a warm welcome.

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Very good looking result. ‘Bloom’ in Cycles can be done but has to be done as an after effect in the Compositor. Where it is called ‘Glow’ in a Glare node. Bit too convoluted for this early in the course. But not actually hard.

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