My learning journey


Hey everyone, basically just getting started in blender, thought it might be cool to document my progress. My goal is to learn blender and teach my kids to use it, we are going to start animating simple short films for fun. Anyways, here is my first scene since I started this course. I would love feedback, praise and criticism welcome.


interesting, missing the door. is it one you are building? And why the double posts in the fence?


No door yet, it’s gonna be a chicken coop when i’m done with it. Thank you. I agree, I don’t really know what’s up with the double posts on the fence, I built a nice looking fence piece and then duplicated it, that’s what I ended up with. :slight_smile:
I actually fixed that this morning, though i’m still not sure i’m happy with it.
I’ll post new pictures tonight or tomorrow with an update.


Well, I added a light and adjusted the fence… I guess that’s all to report.


Switching gears a little bit, made a coffee mug. Busying myself while I wait for the next part of the 2.8 tutorial.


Trying to get at least one thing done per day. Today was a table!


Was just working on simple objects but it’s now becoming an actual scene.


Working with cylinders


looks like i better pull my finger out! you been a busy soul.


I’m trying to do at least 1 new model per day, sticking with simple stuff for the moment. My kids and I are going to use the things we are building to make a short movie. So far my 5 year old wants flying cheese… I think we can do that.


Building the chair was a bit more complex. Only after I added subdivision surface and joined everything did I realize I hadn’t added the color. All part of learning I guess.


I think it pretty awesome you’re learning this to do something fun and creative with your kids.

Keep it up!


looks good, i have been playing with a little project


ok i am trying to remember how to add a file to this or any stream! but can not remember or see any options…Help. i guess it is starting me in note face…


In the reply menu there is a little arrow and disk, 7th to the right.