My layout cleanup

first one

second try

My layout cleanup:

Here is my layout cleanup

This was actually much easier than I thought it might have been, a BRILLIANT idea, and this is a wonderful way to learn how the splitter and merger tab works. I loved it!

Upon watching the rest of the video I realized I hadn’t flipped the header on the Outline window. Also, I hadn’t even thought of using the info header and then changing the layout, I will remember that for next time! I love these lessons.

I managed to clean the layout in two ways. The first one was manualy by duplicating windows and than changing the editor typs until i got the same layout as the default. The second one was by clicking on shift F1, then the info bar appeared again and i could click on File - New , and I then reopened the default file (but that seems a bit like cheating).

Restored by finding the info header and changing to “Default layout”.

I did it, but on a different computer so no screenshot, sorry.

Hi, I did it!

Clicked on info and swtiched to Default. I will admit it took me a minute to figure this out.

It took me a bit to figure it out, started it over at least 3 times, did it and had to get back to the video for something that was so obvious, it was fun nonetheless and i get the principle on which the windows work :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I see a few of you have come up with different ways to achieve the same outcome, very cool! Thanks for sharing! I took notes. :slight_smile:
One of our classmates had a really neat user preferences theme applied to their assignment and it gave me a little inspiration. (For some reason I was not able to find that person to give them credit, and I apologize.) I am a fan of pink so I chose Ubuntu Ambiance.

In the quest to learn Blender I have read at least half a dozen books on the program plus a lot of books on modeling and I found that most books want you to play with the user preferences, so needless to say my Blender was crazy looking! I recommend using a preset theme if you have a hard time looking at the shades of grey all day.


I have do it to.: " Science Lab"


I’m not sure I did as much as I should, but using (Shift) F1 then finding the little control box to turn it into the info bar, then using the option under File -> Load Factory Settings worked pretty well to restore everything was the first way I went about it. Feeling that this might have been not the way intended I went back to look for another method NOT using this factory default.

The 2nd version I used the hand tool little box to turn the main window into the 3d view, hit number pad 5 a couple times to get into perspective and rotated view using middle mouse button. Then under VIEW menu on the 3d view window use the toggle maximized area button which reviled the hashes in the top right corner of the window. Then it was just a matter of splitting off the windows and setting them each to the right one. Clockwise around the edge of the 3d view it was info at the top, Outliner at the top right, Properties below that, and then timeline below the 3d view.

Small note, Thank you to Simone Dowsett for mentioning the Ubuntu Ambiance theme. I didn’t even know Blender had themes and now I’m overjoyed with being able to change the default! :smiley:

Wow, that was way crazier than I thought it would be! Good exercise though.
D + Click = grease pencil kitty.

Here is mine. Took 15 seconds to figure out how and 2 clicks to do it. I guess I’ll try the ways my predecessors used as well. Also, thanks +1 to @Simone_Dowsett for helping us learn about Blender themes! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the shout out! Glad you find themes useful!

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I love Blender but I was really getting bored of the concrete gray. Feels great to get rid of that. What was a garage before now looks like a “Science Lab” :blush: Thanks again!

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