My Laser Defender



Attached is my hosted WebGL build.
Have FUN!


Well done on completing this section of the course Collin and publishing your game.

You’ve made a fun game to play there :slight_smile:

Spotted a couple of things…

Your game is clearly designed for mobile, based on the screen play space, in order to play it properly on WebGL I had to maximise the game, otherwise you get a scrollbar inside a scroll bar and you can’t see the whole screen. Having maximised the screen your sprite animations are then viewable in the camera area outside of the main playspace;

The text also leave the main playspace area and are rendered in the addition camera area;

Hope the above is of use, I’m going back in for another game now - the boss blasted me in my last one! :slight_smile:


Hi Rob,
I had the same issue when building and asked on discord. Apparently setting the resolution on player settings under build and settings helped. The only way was to reduce the resolution by a quarter then it will be fine.


Glad you found a solution Collin :slight_smile:


Really cool game! I like yours Collin. Even the music fits well with the game. Nice!