My Laser Defender

There are 31 Waves. Bonuses at wave % 10 == 0 and a secret key for a shield.


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I like the UI design and the somewhat jittery movement of the ships - makes them harder to get hit.
Are all the waves actually identical in terms of the positions layout? (I got to the point where the shape of enemies changed).

The positions do change with every type of enemy. Enemies change every five waves. Thank you for checking it out!

Your game is really fun! Thanks for sharing it!
Couple things I like:

  • 1 hit (or at least it felt like 1 hit most of the time) to kill enemies
  • hit points, so you don’t die with 1-3 hits but you get a longer game (does the enemy damage increase over time? might be a little easy)
  • UI the ui elements are great! I love how they are rotated slightly.

Good stuff!

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